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I help alpha leaders serve with heart and empathy

To be a "human being" is to be a verb, a process of becoming human.
And that, let me tell you, is one tough nut to crack. I had no idea how tough.

My personal growth didn't happen by just reading a book and sitting on a comfortable sofa.

I went out there and tried it out. 
I was nervous and scared but knew I had to do it.
I messed up and have regrets.
Life can be
 tough, and I wanted to quit at times.
I studied, practiced, and tried again and again until it felt better.

Then I jumped in again; it was colder water this time.
I aligned myself with high-achievers. I observed and learned.
I refused to give in even when I was scared.
Today, I continue to challenge myself to grow and improve.

It never ends.

I now work with powerful, passionate people who want to succeed
and k
now they need to take the big leap to achieve their goals.


The Serious Formal stuff

Author - Executive Coach

Facilitator - Speaker

I am an Executive Coach and Leadership Programs Facilitator and author of the book "You've got algorithm, but can you dance? – Learn how to lead with heart and empathy." 

Drawing on my experience as a software developer and project manager and my own journey of self-development, I help leaders—from new managers to C-suite executives at Fortune 500 companies— to break patterns that hold them back and facilitate leadership growth.


Underpinning my work is my belief that living up to one's potential as an authentic leader requires a seamless integration of both analytical skills and emotional intelligence.

My Passion and Focus

On our journey together, you can expect my full support to match your full commitment.

I am a high performer, continuously striving to improve.

Today, three core values propel my work: 
Be the greatest you can be - Never stop evolving - Be of service

Now, I collaborate with brave, motivated individuals propelled by the same three values, eager for accomplishment and understanding the importance of taking that crucial leap.


People are fascinating. They have great hearts, and I love working with clients who are equally curious about self-development and improving social interactions. 

Predicting and controlling your future relies upon your proactive development and commitment.

On our journey together, you can expect my full support to match your full commitment.

I'll challenge you to face your gaps
and become a remarkable leader

The other side of me...

I'm just a guy. I worried about paying rent. I got my heart broken. I had plenty of self-doubts. I faced shame and embarrassment. 

I continue to take risks and face challenges because they create fast growth. And there is nothing I coach or teach that I haven't struggled with myself.

I'm Italian, born and raised in the French Alps of Switzerland, and later moved to the San Francisco Bay Area. Through my experiences traveling and working with people from various countries, including Europe, the USA, China, Southeast Asia, Africa, and Central America, I've gained an understanding of different cultures.

I believe this has given me a unique perspective and the ability to work effectively in multicultural environments. Additionally, I've also had the opportunity to volunteer in medical missions in Africa and Asia, which has been a rewarding and humbling experience.

In my free time, I enjoy hiking, motorcycle rides, meeting new people, and painting as a way to relax and clear my mind. These hobbies have allowed me to see and experience different parts of the world, and I'm grateful for the opportunities I've had.


I'm an expert at working with tough nuts and committed individuals to achieve great success.

Nothing motivates me more than seeing people take on a challenge
and daring to be their true selves.

Let's dance!


“The very best thing you can do for the world is to make the most of yourself.”
– Wallace D. Wattles


Elevate your team through
highly dynamic,
and engaging workshops.


  • ACE - Accelerating Coach Excellence​

  • The Five Behavior of A cohesive team - Accredited Facilitator

  • The Leadership Circle Profile - Certified Practitioner

  • EQ-i and EQ 360 - Emotional Intelligence Certified Practitioner

  • Group and Team Coaching Certified Practitioner

  • Leadership Strategies - Certified Facilitator 

  • Energy Leadership Index - Certified Practitioner

  • iPEC Certified Professional Coach - ICF International Coaching Federation -
    Professional Certified Coach​

  • Certification Humane Education program - Institute for Humane Education

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