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Energy Leadership


understand your MINDSET

Then Change it

  • Do people in your group only see struggles based on victim mentality?

  • Do you focus on the past and beat yourself up for current event?

  • Are qualities of interpersonal relationships somber?

  • Do you tend to continuously deal with problems or are drawn to problems?

  • Do you feel like you have a lack of choices and options?

  • Are you constantly feeling like you are in battle mode?

  • Do you tolerate people and environments and disqualify your personal values?

Have you ever noticed how people react to a stressful situation in an unproductive way? What did you notice about their behavior? What kind of effect did it have on their communication and relationships? How did you and your peers react? How do you believe you carry yourself in life, at work, under normal conditions or in stressful situations?

Imagine you have goals that were established for you and your team to accomplish during a specific period. With effort and by following specific steps you might reach your goals. While you might reach them, you realize that you are spending your time running in circles. You and the people around you find yourselves feeling burnt out, drained and ultimately unfulfilled in your professional and private lives.

The reason this happens is because most people lack the awareness of how their attitude is working for, and against them. Most of the time, people create unneeded chaos in their working relationships and in their professional careers without realizing it. As a result, years slip by before they realize they’ve spent too much time heading in the wrong direction, and they settle for a life they tolerate, rather than celebrate. What’s even more important, is the question that many leaders, and maybe you, are beginning to ask: “What can I do to reverse these patterns?”

what you get

  • Energy Leadership Index for individuals or team

  • A report with personal and group results

  • A video to help you understand your basic results and prepare for a debrief

  • One hour personal phone/online debrief + Answer to your questions and discussing next steps

  • For groups: a three hour debrief and workshop on how to apply it in your team

Assessment Report

Short  Video Debrief

Personal Debrief

Energy Leadership Index - Attitudinal Assessment - Copyright of iPEC Coaching - Bruce Schneider

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