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coaching day

Demonstrate to your people that you’re invested in their growth and development


You have already offered the ping-pong table, the catered food, the massage chairs and other usual perks, but have you thought about a coaching session?

Be pro-active in giving people a resource to turn to when they feel professionally challenged or frustrated—or simply to develop their personal and professional goals—so you can help increase employee engagement and retention.



  • ​Establish a coaching day and announce the initiative to teams and departments

  • Participants sign up online and select an available time slot

  • 45 min sessions are held on site or virtually

Offering coaching as an employee benefit not only helps you demonstrate to your people that you’re invested in their growth and development, but it could help prevent cultural disasters.


The session will help them uncover personal hurdles that are holding them back from achieving higher goals, and help them establish solutions that they can implement. 


It’s a common situation in companies: Employees can be the best and brightest, but lack leadership experience. When you look at the costs of low productivity, turnover, negative reviews, and candid grievances aired by disgruntled employees, a coach sounds like a pretty good investment.

A lot of pro-active leaders work with executive coaches, but imagine the benefits an organization can derive from extending coaching beyond the C-suite or management.

This coaching and leadership development initiative can show a valuable investment in people and culture, and pays off in spades. According to the International Coaching Federation, 86% of companies who implement a coaching program feel the ROI was valuable.

If your company has growth-based culture, having coaches available to every level of employee will increase employee retention and engagement, boost productivity, and overcome performance issues.

Employees will find opportunities to strengthen their skill-sets, gain confidence, and assume more responsibility in the workplace.

Help you team members pursue their goals and dreams. This will impact them in a positive way both professionally as well as personally. It will unlock amazing potential, drive, happiness, and discovery; all of which will benefit your organization as well


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