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You've got algorithm, but can you dance?

The coaching habits that will position you, your team
and organization for great success

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The frameworks, research, and techniques that Roberto referenced and taught were very valuable and applicable beyond just the workplace. His coaching style was also very inspiring and powerful.

Thank you for an awesome workshop, Roberto - I found the concepts you taught to be especially powerful as they translate far beyond the workplace. I look forward to carrying these lessons with me to all other areas of my life.

Roberto really does a great job of making his points in an impactful way to where I understand their importance. His guidance along with us as participants breaking out to practice is the most useful to me.

COURSE & Workshop
What you learn

The initial step involves taking the Online Coach Leader Course

Next, you'll be joining 4 x 90 min sessions to learn more skills and apply what you have learned in the course, including:

  • Guidelines on being a coach

  • How to create accountability and support

  • Active listening and the benefits of asking powerful, provocative questions

  • Coaching skills, feed-forward, not advising

  • Creating awareness about views and consequences

  • Increase curiosity, remove judgement

  • Understanding limiting beliefs and how to take action to overcome them

  • Managing progress and accountability

  • Establishing agreements

  • The process of establishing goals, recognizing
    restrictions and creating action plans and agenda

  • See real examples of a coaching process

  • A lot of practice


Coaching unlocks an individual’s potential to perform.  Your employees will achieve a level of personal performance that would have been otherwise unattainable.

This teaches employees to find innovative solutions on their own, or in teams, and focuses on learning instead of teaching. The coaching approach creates a learning culture, thereby increasing employee engagement, reducing employee turnover, and boosting morale and productivity.

Equipping your leaders and managers with coaching skills will take your entire company to the next level. 

Creating a coaching culture will become one of the keys for developing and retaining top talent, which directly translates into a competitive advantage in the global marketplace. 

Organizations with a strong coaching culture : *

  • Have higher employee engagement (60% of employees rated as highly engaged compared to 48% of all other organizations).

  • Report higher revenue growth (63% report being above their industry peer group in revenue compared to 45% of all other organizations).

*Source: ICF research

Click the button to get the course now and start paving the way to become a successful Coach Leader and build a coaching culture in your organization.
The opportunity is right here, right now... You just need to take it.
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