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want to be the best manager your team has ever had?

master one
remarkable skill...

how to coach!



The managers who instinctively know how to coach their team

The managers who are constantly harping at their team to get their work done on time

The managers who struggle with meeting project deadlines

The big problem is, in all three manager types – most managers don’t know how to move up to the next higher level. That’s where I can help.

From Manager to Exceptional Leader...


the coach leader course modules

3 modules | 21 Lessons | 110 Minutes | Course Exercises and Guides

You’ll discover how to become a coach leader who can inspire others and help them gain autonomy and confidence with thought-provoking questions. 
We cover concepts that will help you increase performance and how using it will significantly improve your management abilities and raise your credibility as an innovative coach leader.

  1. Coach Leader - Intro | 5:28 min - Three steps to become a Coach Leader: Being Mindful, Being Attuned, Being Thought-Provoking ...

  2. Before you get started - Course Material | 0:40 min - A few things to know about this course and material

  3. Being aware of our perceptions and beliefs | 4:23 min - Understanding how our perceptions and beliefs affect the way we interact with others. Realizing the impact of your attitude and energy in your conversations.

  4. The Rosenthal Effect | 5:10 min - The phenomenon whereby higher expectations lead to an increase in performance and how your mindset affects your conversations

  5. Understand patterns affecting your mindset | 5:12 min - To understand what is affecting your mindset, you need to investigate deeper

  6. Setting expectations | 6:52 min - Set expectations for your team. Set your intentions. Trust others to take the lead.

  7. Your views > Your outcomes | 5:42 min - We do not have control over some of the people or situations in our lives, but we can control how we view them.

  8. It's your journey | 1:47 min - Being mindful is a life long journey... You have a choice in how you are going to walk it.

Being attuned means you do not tell people what to do or advise them on what to do, instead, as a coach leader, you help your team generate ideas, to trigger creativity so they find their OWN solutions to what they are experiencing. You’ll learn how to develop trust and be comfortable with silence and just listening.

  1. Why coach? I have no time | 5:25 min - Myth and assumptions about the time it takes to coach others

  2. What coaching is and is not | 5:28 min - Let's understand what coaching is and is not, and eliminate the confusion.

  3. Leadership Styles | 2:57 min - Which is your default leadership style and how can you use them?

  4. Listen, there is so much more to it | 6:06 min - Being attuned, means listening first and realizing what this can bring.

  5. Listen and validate + Coaching Session | 6:54 min - The magic tip about validation and listen to a coaching session.

  6. How good a listener are you? | 7:04 min - Listen more, practice exercise and some fun

  7. Be present | 2:20 min - All this seems trivial, and yet, with determination, you'll make a difference

A coach understands how a team feels and how they react according to their fear or conscious-based values. How to notice your tone of voice and facial expression when you ask questions so you don’t come off judgmental rather than curious. When you understand better, you ask better questions. When you coach better, you lead better.

  1. Understanding Values | 9:12 min - What are your personal values? Understand yours and you'll understand others'

  2. Asking powerful questions | 5:18 min - Ask the right questions. Sense what is below the surface. Find out more.

  3. COACHING Model | 7:25 min - Step by step guide to ask question and coach

  4. COACHING Model - In Coaching Session | 7:00 min - Listen to a COACHING model session

  5. Inspire and engage through conversations - COACHING model | 6:31 min - How to engage and inspire

  6. Be a different leader | 3:22 min – Results from applying these skills, practice and become a coach leader






I genuinely enjoyed the course and was left wanting more!

There were many thought-provoking moments for me during the course, especially during "Your Views, Your Outcomes" as well as "How good of a listener are you?" I truly enjoyed it and believe I have many valuable takeaways that I can use immediately.” 


—  Neda Withney - Executive Recruiter

Why Am I The Right
Coach For You?

The Coach Leader course uses coaching techniques proven in coaching classes I’ve taught across multi-cultural teams in a wide selection of organizations.

I’ve conducted classes for big Fortune 500 companies such as Cisco, Oracle, ASML, Nestle, Workday,  United Nations World Food Program, Dale Carnegie as well as a multitude of startups.

Through over ten years of classroom facilitation and coaching, I’ve gained extensive experience helping technical experts build emotional intelligence so they can obtain the essential leadership skills needed to succeed.

I can help you transition from expert to manager and from manager to coach leader.

In the Coach Leader course, I’ll coach you to align your team’s needs and personal values with their work so they can achieve a sense of fulfillment that translates into meaningful results in all aspects of their lives.

You will substantially increase your natural management abilities and raise your credibility with your team as a coach leader. 


you are interested because you want to...

  • Feel valued for all your hard work supporting your team

  • Learn to address people in a way that builds relationships and confidence

  • Learn how to empower others to take on work, so you could have more time for your areas of excellence

  • Retain your key players because they value you for taking the time to coach them…. (or you’ll lose them)

  • Build trust and create connections that bring results

  • Learn to listen and be attuned to them. To be curious and ask questions to know how you can help them

  • Create a sense of trust and support where people open up to you for help

  • Change the dynamic between you and your team from needing support to knowing how to overcome struggles on their own

Brainstorming Session


  • You become an asset to your organization because people want to work with you and your leadership style.

  • You know how to tackle any elements of poor performance, by coaching employees to understand and solve performance problems.

  • You feel more equipped to coach team members through tasks, helping with their personal growth.

  • Your employees will achieve a level of personal performance that would have been otherwise unattainable without your coach leader skills.

  • You'll be appreciated for coaching employees to find innovative solutions on their own, or in teams, because you focus on learning instead of teaching.

  • You'll pioneer a learning culture, thereby increasing employee engagement, reducing employee turnover, and boosting morale and productivity

Organizations with a strong coaching culture : *From ICF

  • Have higher employee engagement (60% of employees rated as highly engaged compared to 48% of all other organizations).

  • Report higher revenue growth (63% report being above their industry peer group in revenue compared to 45% of all other organizations).

  • Overall results are higher in environments where coaching is used as the main method of management.




Inspiring self-reflection in others is rooted in one's ability to listen, Intention to guide, and desire to make an impact

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