Let me bring the "Dance"

Image by Landon Martin

Are you looking for solutions around a lamppost, depending on an external light to guide you?
Let's change that

 So many of us have learned to resolve complex problems on screen; we write algorithms and lines of code, and tackle issues with well-designed diagrams.

But when it comes to more intangible problems like communication, personalities, and behaviors, we are completely lost in the dark.

Fortunately, you can learn how to pay attention to your emotions and perceptions, so you can lead and inspire people, advance your personal growth, and bring your visions to reality.


"Roberto was engaging, funny, yet firm. His stories and analogies were relevant, and his presentation style was just perfect for this team. The team really connect-ed with him, and he was able to convey the important concepts while still having fun.”

“You are an excellent facilitator with a very clear road map, organized everything in an easy to follow way.”

"You cared for everyone and remembered everyone's character clearly.
You are able to get the entire class engaged and involved. You inspired me in many cases by sharing your extensive experience and stories."



you've got to learn how to dance with others

Image by Toa Heftiba

The password to dancing with others is empathy
Here is how to get it


Just as you can adapt your product/system to your target audience, so can you adapt your attitude, language, and behavior to the people you interact with, and to remember that they are, in fact, people, with concerns, emotions, fears, and complicated lives beyond the workplace.


By increasing your level of empathy and learning how to "dance" you will create more rewarding and trusting connections, and empower your team members.

take charge and create your own dance

Whatever happens to us happens for us; the challenges and confusions we face are what mold us.
Take the lead

What if we had a plan that will anchor us, and allow us to stay on course toward a higher vision of ourselves?


If we can shed our fears, we can become self-determined, and when we are self-determined, we are no longer at the mercy of others, and it is then when we truly become the leaders we were born to be.


We no longer dance to somebody else’s tune, but to the music that is in us. 


What is it to be a manager or leader, what is your style, how are you responsible to shift your style to be more effective with a wider number of people and situations?
How can you interact more effectively with others using emotional intelligence; leading with heart and empathy?
How can you develop and empower others and coach/support them all along. How will you delegate so you can focus on strategic plans and advance your team to support you?
How will you ensure that your team is committed and engaged; address challenging conversations, and plan for your self-transformation?


  • Keynotes

  • Webinars

  • In-person 

  • Facilitated conversations

  • Small to large events



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