Transition from Expert to Leader

lead with
heart and empathy

After working together
you will...

Improve collaboration, communication, and your ability to relate to others 

Be a better leader, a stronger motivator, engage your team

Resolve conflicts, discern people’s emotions, and empathize with their perspective 

This will allow you to...

Increase your performance, sales, and productivity

Assure that the people who invested in you feel they have made the right choice

Bring your organization to the level of success that is expected

Emotional intelligence and people skills are the best predictors of performance in the workplace and the strongest drivers of leadership and personal excellence in professional and private settings.
It will help you:

  • Bring a positive attitude and outlook on life with higher engagement 

  • Affect your physical and mental health, and overall wellness, with an impact on your private and professional life

  • Increase revenues and reduce unnecessary expenses for you and your organization

what you can expect 

  • Weekly, Bi-Weekly Coaching Sessions

  • Choose between: Coaching Sessions Packages or Unlimited Retainer Coaching packages

  • Leadership Assessments 360 feedback - interviews or online Leadership Circle Profile

  • 360 feedback report and debrief 

  • Personal Development Action Plan and Motivational Transformational Plan

  • Leadership material and resources

  • On the job/phone observation-shadowing

  • Correspondance review and shadowing

  • Alignment meetings with stakeholders, supervisor, HR (as needed)

  • Final wrap-up meeting and continuous development plan