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Accept that you are not the measure of all things and allow your worldview to be enhanced by the experience and knowledge of others.

Given the issues that arise while collaborating on projects, especially across groups of different departments or organizations, companies are establishing a culture of peer group/team coaching.

Being part of a coaching group will mitigate and remove obstacles that get in the way of successful cooperation, yielding positive results for you, your team and the work that needs to be done.

Unlike a classroom training approach delivered over a few days with a low retention rate; individual and group coaching is stretched over several months with higher positive results and transformation that sticks; for the individuals, teams and the organization.

how TECH EXEC Coaching cIRCLES work

The Tech Exec Coaching Circle is a process that enables two or more people to effectively help one another become more successful in their work, project delivery and cross-team collaboration.

After assessing your needs, each participant will be invited to an initial meeting to discuss the benefits of a group coaching culture and understand how the Tech Exec Coaching Circle operates.

You will learn:

  • Guidelines on the group coaching process

  • How you will benefit from group coaching sessions

  • The process of establishing goals, recognizing restrictions and creating action plans

  • The role of the facilitator in group coaching

  • Setting up agenda for the sessions

Finally, we will start our Tech Exec Coaching Circle sessions where everyone will be able to be coached on specific, individual and team goals.


  • Initial Informational Meeting: Discussion with participants to understand the group coaching process

  • Group size: 6 to 12 participants

  • Sessions Frequency: biweekly or monthly

  • Duration: 6 to 12 sessions, or more depending on objectives

  • Sessions length: 90 min

  • Location: Workshop and first session onsite, other sessions virtual or onsite as needed


  • Accountability—Reoccurring sessions reinforce learning and behavioral change. Group members hold one another accountable by practicing skills outside of the sessions and reporting to the group.

  • Build internal expertise—When the program ends, participants understand peer coaching and can help others within your organization.

  • Increase productivity—Improve employee performance and keep staff engaged and efficient for the long run

  • Create consistency and cohesiveness—Group members learn the same skills and integrate the lessons on an individual and team level, and become more cohesive.

  • Produce measurable results—Get a return on investment over time and see the benefits for your team and the organization

Pricing and packages are based on
the number of participants and sessions.

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