Transition from Expert to Leader


Social intelligence provides the confidence to carry your job responsibilities, shine in your position and grow in the organization. A lack of people skills will not only affect your professional future but the quality of your life.​


  • Is your social intelligence affecting your credibility at work?

  • Have VCs invested in your idea and you want to make sure you deliver and lead with success?

  • Were you overlooked for a promotion you deserved, or felt unsure to ask for one?

  • Are you lacking the confidence to bring your personality fully into the conversations that matter?

  • Are your ideas clear but find it challenging to express yourself and convince someone not as technically inclined to see your perspective?

  • Were you hired for your technical skills but struggle in group meetings or to have influence across the organization?


  • Do you have talented technical experts ready to be promoted but facing difficulties in managing or leading their teams?

  • Is lack of collaboration causing conflicts and affecting team results?

  • Is your technical team lacking the social skills to engage with other departments?

  • Are you working with experts who have difficulties presenting or selling ideas internally?

  • Are projects and goals impacted by the lack of engagement in your teams?

​Learning how to dance takes courage. I will work with you to free your personal voice and develop your professional style. Allow yourself to become the person you want to be, be brave, be bold, be audacious!


  • Work in high-tech, bio-tech, pick-your-name-tech

  • Have the mindset of a programmer, developer, project manager, scientist, analyst, data scientist, engineer, lab technician, number cruncher, designer or ... you get the idea

  • Believe to be very smart about processes, and have a “I've got this” attitude (Admit it)

  • Often find it difficult to get a message across - let alone influence others

  • Have recently moved into a position requiring higher leadership responsibilities

If you answered yes to one or more of these points,
I can help.

What you Get

After working together you will:

  • Improve collaboration, communication and your ability to relate to others  

  • Be a better leader, become a stronger motivator, better engage your team

  • Know how to resolve conflicts, discern people’s emotions and empathize with their perspective 

This will allow you to:

  • Increase your performance, sales and productivity

  • Assure that the people who invested in you feel they have made the right choice

  • Bring your organization to the level of success that was expected

Emotional intelligence and people skills are the best predictor of performance in the workplace and the strongest drivers of leadership and personal excellence in professional and private settings. It will help you:

  • Bring positive attitude and outlook on life with higher engagement 

  • Affect your physical and mental health, and overall wellness, with an impact on your private and professional life

  • Increase revenues and reduce unnecessary expenses for you and your organization