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facilitated workshops

Experience an engaging learning process through highly-dynamic facilitation and structured coaching.

​Roberto delivers workshops tailor-made to fit any need. His dynamic live facilitation can supercharge your offsite, conference, or meeting. Roberto combines TED-Talk style engagement with challenging and interactive approaches to give attendees actionable tips they can use right away.


Multiple Days - Online and In-Person

Based on the book
You've Got Algorithm

But Can you Dance?

Multiple days workshops, highly interactive and facilitated to provide hands-on practice for all participants.

Additional coaching hours are included for each participant between workshops to enhance their transformation and help them become empowered leaders.

This program really makes us think about how to coach and empower, how to converse with reports and how to ensure they continue to grow.

Roberto challenged us to think and take responsibility for our own development. It inspired me for the first time to really invest time and effort in myself.

I learned how important empathy is in our workplace. We work in research we are "programmed" to see patients as numbers and just look for data so it is difficult to show empathy. The workshop changed my perspective.

The group coaching sessions were eye-opening. Learning from peers and Roberto helped me implement new solutions.

Team Meeting

Pathway to Excellence
Half-Day or Full-Day Workshop+ Group Coaching

In an evolving organization, fostering a unified and efficient team is key. Team Building Workshops are the bridge to this success. They focus on vital elements like trust, conflict resolution, commitment, and accountability, ensuring teams not only perform but excel.

By harnessing the diverse strengths of each member, these workshops cultivate a collaborative environment where innovation and growth thrive.

Leadership Fundamental Conversations
4 x 90 min - Online

With custom workshops of 90 min, participants get to learn various skills and practice them in small groups. Between session they have a chance to apply what they learned and witness the transformation. 

These engaging live online workshops are for teams of all sizes and can be tailored for your group’s goals.


Influence Without

Half-Day or Full-Day Workshop
+ Group Coaching

Do you get what you want at work? Do you feel you have exhausted every possible option to get your team or boss to listen to your ideas?


Sometimes it feels like no matter what you do, it is hard to influence them.


The ability to influence without authority can help you get buy-in, improve collaboration and boost your career.

Business Meeting
Business Meeting

navigate communication


emotional intelligence

Half-Day or Full-Day Workshop
+ Group Coaching

If you want to move ahead in your career, you'll need to take a good look in the mirror. If you don't understand and grow your emotional intelligence, you will plateau and slowly end up on the sidelines.


90% of top performers have high emotional intelligence and earn a higher income. When it comes to achieving project goals and managing teams, it is impossible to succeed without emotional intelligence.


What's your EQ?

Better Presentations
Technical Minds

2 days  - Online/In-Person

Did you ever deliver a presentation reading directly from your notes or the slide itself? Did you go down a list of bullet points, or show tables of data and complex graphics that were impossible to remember, even for you, the presenter?


If you get the feeling that the audience “won’t listen,” doesn’t remember what you presented, or won’t take action after your presentation, then it’s time to find new engaging ways to present your material.



Global Director Talent Development

“I had my leadership team vote their favorite session this year, and yours came in first place on "Leading Authentically”

Senior Lab Technician

The more reports are growing and empowered, and the more I am able to delegate, the better performing my group will be.

Engineering Manager

Thanks for such an amazing class! I learned a ton, and am hopeful and excited to do presentations in the future. Roberto really knows his stuff, is super engaging, and his friendliness made for a great experience.

Design - Product Managers

Fantastic training, very engaging and really helpful. I discovered so much about myself. Great balance between theory and practice. Great facilitation done by Roberto

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