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Evolving Leadership: Introducing a New Name for My Newsletter

After a year of my newsletter, I took a break to rethink its purpose and make changes.

Here's an exciting update!

I'm changing the name from "The Empathic Alpha Leader" to

The High Impact Leader.

Why the Change?

The term "Alpha" often carries negative connotations and downplays the strengths of bold, confident leaders who excel through strategic thinking, decisiveness, and assertiveness.

Great leaders get things done. They command attention and move their teams forward.

But it's important to balance assertiveness. Unchecked, it can turn into dominance, creating a toxic work environment.

The High Impact Leader will help you develop the skills to be a well-rounded, successful leader.

Here's a sneak peek at what you can expect:

  • Decisive Leadership: Tips on how decisive leaders can command attention and drive results while avoiding dominance and affecting their reputation and career.

  • Empowering Teams: Supporting people working with strong-willed leaders to be more assertive, speak up, stand their ground, and get their voices heard.

  • HR Insights: Recognizing and addressing the pitfalls of strong-willed leadership that can diminish employee morale, create financial burdens, workforce instability, and erode company reputation.

Exciting Offer:

To support your growth, I’m offering two free guides - Click to download:

These resources will give you practical strategies to become impactful leaders without sacrificing team morale or company culture.

Moving to biweekly, stay tuned for new articles and resources coming your way soon!

In the meantime, let me know your thoughts on the new name in the comments below.


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