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Have you ever attended a presentation that never seems to end?

The presenter goes on and on and on. You stopped listening half an hour ago. You can't wait to get out of there. (Unless you were that presenter?)

Many of us have been guilty of reading directly from slides or going down a list of bullet points, showing tables of data and complex graphics that were impossible to remember, even for you, the presenter.

Enough of that, learn to create and deliver captivating presentations that drive engagement and establish yourself as an expert in your field.



Executive Coach and Online Program Facilitator


If you work in high-tech, bio-tech, finance-tech, pick-your-name-tech,
you have heard this before:
Many presentations are not engaging, lack visual appeal,
and are generally hard to remember
Here is how to transform your presentations
while transforming you

program description

This workshop is a practical training designed to get professionals with that "technical/analytical mindset" to improve their presentations and deliver them.
It will help you create a clear storyline that will make your message more impactful and easy to provide complex technical subjects so you can guide the audience to take action.


Image by Teemu Paananen

“After the workshop, I presented to ~ 40 people, and it went really well. I received positive feedback, and I didn’t rush through my presentation. Everyone was engaged.”

"This workshop changed my perspective towards presentations. I entered the course feeling nervous and have left feeling far more confident as a presenter."

Who should attend this program?

Did you ever deliver a presentation reading directly from your notes or the slide itself? Did you go down a list of bullet points, showed tables of data and complex graphics that were impossible to remember, even for you, the presenter?


If you get the feeling that the audience “won’t listen,” doesn’t remember what you presented, or won’t take action after your presentation, then it’s time to find new engaging ways to present your material.


If you are a manager, project managers, team leaders, directors, or are someone in a similar role and you need to deliver various technical and complex presentations.


If presenting to an audience makes you nervous and you want to find new ways to connect to them in this new virtual environment.

learning goals

  • Best practices in designing and using presentation slides

  • Best practices in creating an engaging opening, stories, and closing with impact

  • Become less dependent on data sheets and notes

  • Deal with anxiety and speak with your natural voice

  • Become more confident and deliver your message with influence

  • How to create and maintain audience engagement

  • Learn best practices for virtual meetings and facilitation

  • Know how to prepare for technical or audience challenges


"This program gave us a lot of opportunities to practice and improve our presentations through the recordings and feedback received."

"The facilitator was one of the best I've had. Roberto did an excellent job of engaging the participants and holding us accountable."

“Going through this workshop helped me so much in creating slides that are focusing on the main points. It also felt so much easier for me to present it and for my team to understand… and remember it.”

format - what to expect

  • Classes are facilitated in a group of 6 to 12 participants to enhance learning. It is a conversation that ensures you all get the most benefit for your particular needs.

  • Join through a Zoom link or in-person class and learn to deliver your presentations.

  • The program is highly interactive and will have you present in front of the group while learning from every participant.

  • Participants will receive information prior to the class to understand what needs to be prepared for the workshop.

  • The program is over two days, about 6 hours each (Depending on group size)

  • A participant manual and videos will be provided at the end of the program.

Virtual Team Meeting

"Roberto was really great. Warm and inviting and made it a nice place to just have open discussions. I really enjoyed the class!"

"The material was structured in a fashion to help the individual build on the skills gradually, and it was very helpful."

about me

Through years of classroom facilitation and coaching for a multitude of Fortune 500 companies, I gained extensive experience helping emerging leaders to build emotional intelligence and obtain the essential leadership skills needed to succeed. At the same time, I coach individuals to align their needs and personal values with their work to achieve fulfillment and exceptional results.

I authored a book "You've got algorithm, but can you dance? Learn to lead with heart and empathy." 

The essence of my work is to facilitate self-growth by helping people identify the core challenges and setbacks in their lives so that they can overcome them with confidence. 

There is nothing that motivates me more than seeing people take on a challenge and daring to be their true selves.

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