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I enjoyed how receptive Roberto was in our conversations while offering direct feedback with no fluff or excuses. He helped me with a structured development plan and a post-coaching plan. He coached me to understand what was missing and the resources available to bridge the gap, then role-play everything before applying it with my team. All this helped me increase my self-confidence as a leader, letting go of needing full control while building trust in the team. I also learned to recognize my emotional triggers, and overall, I transformed into a trusted advisor and leader that is visible to those around me.

Melania Calinescu - Director Data Science - App Annie

"I am so grateful for Roberto. This program and his guidance have truly made the biggest impact on my leadership skills in my entire career."

Julia Darnton Healey, Director - Yelp

Roberto pushed me out of my comfort zone and helped me really think through the problems I was trying to solve. He challenged me effectively and called me out when I was incongruent or getting complacent.

Tanner Churich - Senior Sale Manager - Yelp

Roberto helped me uncover the underlying causes and reasons for why I was struggling in certain aspects of my professional and personal life. More importantly, he helped me put together a plan to address the root causes. This helped me believe in my own abilities and I feel a lot more self-assured and confident.

Dilip Pillaipakam - VP at Infoblox

Roberto was an essential asset at a tumultuous time in my career (and the world.) I've been able to dial in on my 1:1 coaching, having a broader view of the goings-on of the team, as well as focus on my needs (work/life balance)

You cared for everyone and remembered everyone's character clearly.
You are able to get the entire class engaged and involved.

You are an excellent facilitator with a very clear road map, organized everything in an easy to follow way.

You inspired me in many cases by sharing your extensive experience and stories.

Roberto was the best coach. I really appreciated his honesty with me and empathy. He gave me the
necessary tools to grow myself and my team, being a better listener and practicing delegation. I even have a better relationship with my manager. 
I appreciate him so much.

Lexi Bucci - Recruiting Manager, Chegg

ASML - Workshops

I liked how people decided to trust the group and start sharing information. I believe this was partly inspired by the coach. Roberto is an amazing coach. One of the best I have seen. The lack of judgement and active listening are parts I would like to use more. Having a coach like Roberto would be very good.


I liked the easiness in communicating and active listening mode that was evident. There was also a sense of trust in sharing information.


Roberto is a very pleasant person to interact with, so the discussion flow was friendly


The tools we used allowed me to reflect on the different attitudes I experience in my daily work and to recognize the need to be more conscious.

Nestle' Group Coaching - Switzerland

“You are very passionate in how you communicate. Your presentation touched me and you have so much energy that it lights up the entire room. You'll be amazing in your coaching career.”

There aren't many people that I feel at ease with enough to seek advice on sensitive topics - Roberto is one of those individuals I trust. I was lucky enough to work with Roberto at ServiceSource for over two years. He is such an approachable person and really takes time to listen. He always provides sound advice, and most importantly takes into account the personality, strengths and communication style of the person he is talking to. I've also attended soft-skills workshops delivered by Roberto, and as a trainer myself, I always appreciate his ability to engage people and break down barriers even in the most uncomfortable of situations. As a coach/mentor for leaders or teams, Roberto has my highest recommendation. 

Keiko B. - Senior Program Manager Liquid Planner

With his great big personality, contagious positive attitude and highly motivating presence, it’s not surprising he’s such a highly effective master trainer. If you’re looking for a strong team leader who continually raises the bar on high training standards, who’s a joy to work with, and whom you can count on to get the job done, better than you ever expected, Roberto’s your man”

Lori Thomas. -Change Management - ServiceSource

Amy H. - Dale Carnegie

Katie O'brien - Regional Manager - Survey Monkey

What Roberto is truly gifted at is bringing out the best in people as a Professional Development coach. He is great at helping people recognize their potential and using his skills to unleash their hidden talent.
Roberto is also a whiz at team building. He can get team members to overcome their differences, foster better relationships with one another, and work collaboratively despite their differences.
Roberto is a natural leader and an outside-the-box thinker who is passionate about what he does, and an asset to any team he is on”

Carol J. - Salesforce

Roberto is a person with deep knowledge and great abilities connecting with people.  A supportive and responsible coach and facilitator, Roberto was inspiring and motivating to his colleagues. He leads by example and many people find him enthusiastic and passionate in his work. His caring and affable demeanor is key to building interpersonal relations. People trust him. Roberto is able to help others overcome challenges and grow to achieve their personal goals. I would highly recommend him for any individual and group coaching or facilitation.

Reza Nour. - Project Manager - Self

“Thank you for giving me the permission to be big. Your leadership made it ok for me to leap out of my own comfort zone”

Dale Carnegie - Workshop

"Roberto was engaging, funny, yet firm.  His stories and analogies were relevant, and his presentation style was just perfect for this team.  The team really connected with him, and he was able to convey the important concepts while still having fun.”                                                 

Cisco - Workshop

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