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Strength and empathy can indeed coexist.


I've witnessed this firsthand, as have my clients, achieving great success.


Now, I'm committed to paying it forward with gratitude.


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"Human being" is a verb, a process of becoming human.

Driven by results, I pushed hard, commanded respect, and often burned the candle at both ends.

Through my journey, I discovered a powerful truth: Leadership soars to new heights when it's rooted in empathy and understanding.

Now, I dedicate my expertise to empowering strong leaders to become even stronger. To lead not just with decisive minds but also with compassionate hearts.

In my coaching, I blend hard-won lessons with proven strategies, transforming leadership styles to achieve sustainable success and deeper connections.

I'll challenge you to face your blindspots
and become a remarkable leader


Transform your decisive and commanding leadership into one of compassion and influence.


Executive Coach


True leadership isn't just about wielding power; it's about the bold pursuit of excellence while lifting others up alongside you. It's about owning your influence and using it wisely to forge paths for others.

As an Executive Coach and Leadership Facilitator, I leverage two decades in corporate environments to help leaders evolve.


From new managers to C-suite executives, I help you develop a leadership approach that is as empathetic and heart-centered as it is strong and decisive.


My approach integrates analytical acumen with emotional intelligence because true leadership requires both.

My Mission: Your Transformation


For the leader who commands attention and respect, the next step is not just to lead but to inspire. The world needs Challengers who are not just strong but wise, not just bold but kind.


I am a high performer, continuously striving to improve with three core values that propel my work: 

Be the greatest you can be - Never stop evolving - Be of service.

Now, I collaborate with brave, motivated individuals propelled by similar values, eager for accomplishment and understanding the importance of taking that crucial leap.


Predicting and controlling your future relies upon your proactive development and commitment.

On our journey together, you can expect my full support to match your full commitment.

The other side of me...

Yes, I'm an Alpha and had to work on it. I know what you like and understand the driving force behind you because I've lived it and still do.


And I'm also just a guy. I worried about paying rent. I got my heart broken. I had plenty of self-doubts. I faced shame and embarrassment. 

My journey is marked by challenges and risks that foster rapid growth. And I learned to tame the lion and tap into a more powerful and influential way to lead.


As an Italian raised in the Swiss Alps and now in the San Francisco Bay Area for the last 30 years, this multicultural experience has enriched me, allowing me to connect effectively with people from various backgrounds and personalities.

Volunteering in medical missions in Africa and Asia has added another layer to my understanding of human resilience and compassion.


In leisure, I find balance through hiking, motorcycle trips, and painting – activities that offer new perspectives and a sense of calm.

My clients are individuals ready to confront their limitations
and eager to embrace the journey to transformation.

Do you have what it takes?

Here is how we can work together:

For Human Resources

We can't afford to be without bold leaders' drive and determination, and we can't allow them to erode the organization's success.

For Decisive & Assertive Leaders

You've mastered the art of driving results.
Now, master the art of inspiring people.

For Teams Working with Strong-Willed Leaders

Build your confidence. 
When your voice goes unheard, everyone loses.


  • ACE - Accelerating Coach Excellence​

  • The Five Behavior of A cohesive team - Accredited Facilitator​

  • The Leadership Circle Profile - Certified Practitioner ​

  • EQ-i and EQ 360 - Emotional Intelligence Certified Practitioner

  • iEQ9 - Integrative Enneagram Certified Practitioner

  • Group and Team Coaching Certified Practitioner

  • Leadership Strategies - Certified Facilitator ​

  • Energy Leadership Index - Certified Practitioner ​

  • iPEC Certified Professional Coach - ICF International Coaching Federation 
    Professional Certified Coach​

  • Certification Humane Education program - Institute for Humane Education

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