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Team Meeting

Team Building
Pathway to Excellence


Ever watched dance duos that move in perfect harmony? Imagine if your team could find that same rhythm.

Mastering team dynamics is like perfecting a dance. A misstep can disrupt, but in sync, it's pure magic.

Dive into a journey that reshapes team interactions. Grasp the choreography of clear communication and lead your team to success. 

Author - Executive Coach and Leadership Program Facilitator


I’ve noticed that by communicating with my team in their preferred style their motivation and my ability to delegate have improved.

The tools learned here make me feel like more of an expert in providing leadership, working on difficult problems, and having productive conversations.

I am more confident and comfortable having difficult conversations. I am more assertive and empathetic at the same time, feel more confident, and am definitely more present. 

Roberto enabled us to be vulnerable and build supportive relationships with colleagues. 

What You Will Learn

At the heart of our journey, we'll begin by exploring TRUST, delving into its essence and pinpointing where it might be missing in your team dynamics.

Next, we'll tackle the often-unspoken realm of
CONFLICTS & DIFFICULT CONVERSATIONS, providing you with the tools to navigate these waters with confidence.

We'll then shift focus to
ACCOUNTABILITY & COMMITMENT, fortifying a culture of dedication and collective responsibility.

And finally, we'll align on
GOALS & TEAM RESULTS, ensuring that every member's aspirations resonate with the team's overarching vision.

Workshop topics that can be tailored to fit your needs.


Contact me to discuss what will suit your team best.

Team Meeting


Expect a high-energy, interactive session that cuts through the fluff. As your facilitator, I'll courageously unearth the unspoken, crafting a safe environment for genuine dialogue.

Here's a glimpse into our time together:

  • Unfiltered Conversations: We won't shy away from challenging topics; we'll face them head-on.

  • Direct Engagement: Expect hands-on activities and engaging scenarios designed to push boundaries and provoke thought.

  • Safe Space: While we'll dive deep, it'll always be within a framework of respect and understanding.

  • Actionable Takeaways: Beyond just talk, you'll leave equipped with clear rules of engagement and personalized development strategies that align with your team's goals.

Together, we'll embark on a transformative journey, ensuring that every step aligns with your aspirations and propels your team toward excellence.

" I love Roberto's teaching - he is patient with the group, very clear in his approach, and keeps the whole group engaged."


Instructor-led (In-Person), Half-day (4 hrs), or Full-day (7 hours) + 3x 60 min virtual group coaching sessions.

Group coaching sessions will be delivered via Zoom Video.

These sessions are facilitated and interactive experiences designed to create an open and safe environment for you to discuss, collaborate, reflect, and share insights or challenges you face. As one person receives coaching in the group, others also benefit from the learning.  

Business Presentation

The private coaching sessions let us dive one-on-one into specific management challenges and then work through them and report back.

I delegated more and more to the team. I was able to work with the team by giving them more responsibility and enhancing that with proper support and feedback. I was surprised by how much they accepted and thrived by having more responsibility.

The coaching mindset module was one of my favorites.  Learning how to slow down and listen to my team instead of constantly thinking of a quick reply has allowed me to better consider my team's ideas and perspectives.  

By determining areas of excellence amongst the team I have found better ways to utilize their expertise to complete projects that each team member is more talented at working on. This has freed me up to peruse my passions and give my team more responsibilities in areas they are excited to grow in. 

" I love Roberto's teaching - he is very patient, clear, and so naturally fosters an environment of non-judgmental group discussions.
I would always want to have this facilitator for all our training."

About Me

Through years of classroom facilitation and coaching for a multitude of Fortune 500 companies, I gained extensive experience helping emerging leaders to build emotional intelligence and obtain the essential leadership skills needed to succeed. At the same time, I coach individuals to align their needs and personal values with their work to achieve fulfillment and exceptional results.

I authored a book "You've got algorithm, but can you dance? Learn to lead with heart and empathy." 

The essence of my work is to facilitate self-growth by helping people identify the core challenges and setbacks in their lives so that they can overcome them with confidence. 

There is nothing that motivates me more than seeing people take on a challenge and daring to be their true selves.

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