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want to be the best manager your team has ever had?

master four essential skills


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live online 
4 x 90 MIN sessions

Registration Available for Corporate or Individuals



Executive Coach and Online Program Facilitator


This program is aimed at people working in
high-tech, bio-tech, finance-tech, pick-your-name-tech.


It is for managers and aspiring leaders who want to create meaningful conversations to manage their workplace relationships.

This will change the way your lead your team
and help you establish yourself as an effective leader.

program description

This workshop is a practical training designed to get professionals with that "technical/analytical mindset" to improve their leadership skills through four essential conversations.


These four key conversations have been created from an understanding of the core tools that we have encountered in our coaching sessions with our clients and research in management skills.

What people said:


Content has been very relevant for sure, and Roberto's delivery is amazing. He makes a 90min session go quite smoothly and productively. I am a big fan of having different groups involved, this is also a nice aspect of the program. Finally, the coaching conversations at the end of each call are really interesting and useful. 

I really like learning about ways to engage people with questions and the role-play exercises

It was very helpful to be able to work with people from other departments and interact with them, practice and share ideas.

I really liked hearing examples from other managers, where they struggle, and especially, where they saw improvement. 

Roberto, you are benevolent and are a great listener. It is a real pleasure to learn from you. I really liked how you shared stories to help us relate to the points.

Learning how to give feedback and the importance of the small steps to make them feel comfortable in accepting your input was really helpful.

Who should attend this program?


Social and Emotional Intelligence provides the confidence to carry your job responsibilities, shine in your position, and grow in the organization. A lack of leadership skills will not only affect your professional future but the quality of your life.​


  • Is your social intelligence affecting your credibility at work?

  • Are you brilliant, but could use some people skills?

  • Do you find it difficult to give constructive feedback?

  • Is your schedule full and wish you'd know how to delegate in a constructive way?

  • Do you wish you could empower people to take ownership of the tasks delegated to them?

  • Would you like to improve the relationships you have with your peers and reports, and manage conflicts in a productive way?


  • Do you have talented technical experts ready to be promoted but facing difficulties in managing or leading their teams?

  • Is lack of collaboration causing conflicts and affecting team results?

  • Is your technical team lacking the social skills to engage with others?

  • Are you working with experts who have difficulties presenting or selling ideas internally?

  • Are projects and goals impacted by the lack of engagement in your teams?


  • Ability to develop your team to take ownership of their work

  • Higher employee engagement - Avoiding the cost of loss of production and staffing

  • Ability to coach individuals according to their styles

  • Knowing how and when offering constructive feedback to improve rapport and productivity

  • More delegation, less stress, better task management

  • Increased manager to IC collaboration

  • Conflict management yielding faster

FOUR learning goals


The evidence is out, the most sought-after skill by employees is that managers have coaching skills. This class focuses on key coaching skills managers need to empower others and build relationships. The program includes listening skills and a format for essential coaching questions to provoke self-reflection.

It can be difficult to give feedback and create interactions that leave everyone empowered to take steps forward. In this class, we focus on learning a model of giving feedback that helps people be more receptive in receiving it while strengthening the relationship and taking responsibility for improving their performance.


The relationships you have with your team are at the core of productivity and engagement. In this class, we’ll cover the different stages of delegation and how they can benefit you and your team, as well as the best practices for One-on-One conversations with your direct reports that will help you set expectations and enhance the rapport you have with everyone.


Career development conversations are crucial to the growth of our team members. This session provides managers with useful tools to help them initiate and engage in these vital conversations. Leverage coaching and communication techniques, managers will learn to explore team member’s aspirations and goals and develop strategies to align their goals with the direction of the organization.

format - what to expect

  • Classes are facilitated with a maximum of 12 participants to enhance learning. It is a conversation that ensures you all get the most benefit for your particular needs.

  • Join through a Zoom link and be ready to engage in practice with other participants.

  • The program is highly interactive, including breakout groups, practice, and roleplay.

  • Participants will receive follow-up information to help them retain and practice the skills they have just learned.

  • The program is over 8 weeks, for 90 min x 4 sessions. This will allow for participants to practice their skills in between sessions and return to augment their learning.

Virtual Team Meeting

about me

I am an executive coach and facilitator with over ten years of experience conducting in-person and online classes, and coaching for a multitude of Fortune 500 companies.


This program stems from coaching clients with a technical/analytical mindset and realizing the difficulties they were facing.


It was delivered to numerous companies in high-tech, biotech, and finance, including managers and leaders from multi-cultural backgrounds.

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