You've Got Algorithm
But Can You Dance?
Learn how to lead with heart and empathy


Release  February/MARCH 2022

You may have learned to resolve complex problems on screen; you can write algorithms and lines of code and tackle issues with well-designed diagrams. But when it comes to more intangible problems like communication, personalities, and behaviors, have you hit a roadblock?


How often do you find yourself wishing you could better navigate certain social contexts, read people more accurately, and feel more relaxed and self-confident? How much of your time do you spend putting out fires rather than influencing people and getting your ideas across?


If you want to get a promotion, increase your earning capacity, influence people, and become a leader, your technical knowledge and degrees will only get you so far. To advance further, you need self-awareness and the ability to connect with people. You need to be courageous, take a good look inside yourself, and learn to lead with heart and empathy.

Fortunately, you can achieve this change; challenging as it may be at times, it is within your reach. It’s like learning to dance. You can hear and feel the music and envision the dance, but you need to take the steps to get you there. With practice, you can become more fluid in your movements and “dance” with others rather than standing on the sidelines.


The big question is whether these skills can be taught, developed, and put to good use. And the answer is a resounding Yes. This book provides you with the tools and step-by-step guidance to fully develop as an authentic leader.


As a result, you will become purposeful and unafraid to face emotions—confident without the need to “flaunt” confidence, assertive, but not intimidating—someone who can lead with empathy, charisma, and grace.

So, what do you think? Do you care to play some music and learn how to “dance?”

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