You've Got Algorithm
But Can You Dance?

So many of us have learned to resolve complex problems on screen; we write algorithms and lines of code and tackle issues with well-designed diagrams. But when it comes to more intangible problems like communication, personalities, and behaviors, we are completely lost.

If we want a promotion, to increase our earning capacity, influence people, and become an admired leader, our technical knowledge and degrees will only get us so far. To advance further, we need self-awareness, the ability to connect with people, and emotional intelligence. We need to be courageous, take a good look inside ourselves, and find our own light.

Fortunately, we all can achieve this change; challenging as it may be at times, it is within our reach. It’s like learning to dance. We can hear and feel the music, and we can envision the steps, but we need to take the steps to get us there. We need to understand what holds us back, what is limiting our confidence and attitude; we need to learn to listen to the beat, learn the steps, and practice them in public until we become fluid in our movements. We need to learn how to dance with a partner and lead with passion and grace; when we have mastered all of that, we can create our own dance, authentically with charisma, style, and grace.

My own journey has not been an easy one. I know what commitment, curiosity, and courage self-transformation takes. But I firmly believe that there are no viable alternatives to change; if you don’t want to find yourself, at the end of your life, still looking for your keys around some lamppost; you might end up dying with the music still in you, as Wayne Dyer said. But if you do decide to change and interrogate yourself, I can promise you, you will be able to reach your potential and express yourself fully.

So, what do you think? Do you care to play some music and learn how to “dance?”

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