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You have perfected the skills necessary to perform at work and manage everyday life. Yet you often find yourself stuck—your career has stalled, your relationships have become stagnant. Something is off.


The hard truth is that no matter how brilliant you may be, your technical abilities won’t provide you with the charisma, empathy, and grace you need to advance. No matter how well-designed your algorithms, they won’t teach you how to be an authentic leader.


The good news is that change is within your reach. Think of the social interactions in your workplace as a dance—all you have to do is start to feel the music and learn the steps. Then you can get out onto the dance floor and take the lead.


This book shows you how to leverage your existing skills and add a few strategic moves. It is a step-by-step guide—literally—to becoming a confident, assertive, and empathetic leader.



You gave your heart to us with your stories and resources

You take us on a journey that can help many people in tech  to become leaders.

 Your audible is powerful because we can sense your passion and humanity, which helps us connect.

Industrial Engineer

Highly Actionable, easy to understand, and concise to help you become a compassionate leader

Nature Reflecting on Crystal Glass

 Your transparency is a reminder that everyone we encounter wants connection too

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