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Working with Strong-Willed Leaders -
For Human Resources

Let's Leverage the Leader's Drive
For Your Organization's Success
And Better Results

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A Guide for HR Professionals

Recognize both the strengths and pitfalls of working with dominant leaders.

This framework equips you with insights into challenges from unhealthy leadership approaches.


Framework Overview:

  • Business Problems: Issues like low morale and financial burdens.

  • Organizational Impact: Workforce instability and damaged reputation.

  • Root Causes: Knowledge to implement strategies for better leadership.

This information is key to creating a thriving workplace culture.

If you are experiencing the following, it's time to refine your organization's leadership style
01 - Business Problems: your areas of concern

Unhealthy leadership causes high turnover, harming the company's reputation and increasing costs. It also reduces productivity and engagement, leading to wasted resources and burnout.​

02 - Impact on your organization

Financial strain from recruitment costs, training investments, operational inefficiencies, and a demoralized culture erode brand reputation and trust between employees and leadership.​

03 - What Are The Possible Root Causes of these issues?

Key issues include lack of recognition, poor leadership self-awareness, and deficient empathy. Rigid management, overbearing leadership, ignoring feedback, and succession planning gaps exacerbate these problems.​

When we partner together, I will provide you with the tools and processes to address these root causes.


Here is how we can work together:

  • Executive Leadership Coaching

  • Group Coaching

  • Team Building

  • Workshops

What will change:

By partnering together, we will help them...

Integrate empathy into assertive styles, understand team dynamics, and address individual motivations. This approach balances results with a supportive environment, earning respect through strength and compassion.

This collaboration will lead to...

Reduced recruitment costs and turnover. Boost morale and productivity, and foster team creativity. It enhances leadership succession, improves the company’s reputation, and increases contract values by building client confidence.

In our conversation, we will identify the best approach to help you with your needs.

We can't afford to be without their drive and determination.
And we can't allow them to erode the organization's success.


I have:

  1. Proudly collaborated with industry giants like ASML, Exelixis, and BKM Capital, spanning industries from tech to finance and biotech.

  2. Expertise in coaching a variety of clients - from budding startups to Fortune 500 executives, tailoring strategies to unique organizational needs.

  3. Real Metrics:

    • Influenced substantial revenue growth for clients.

    • Helped leaders deliver projects valued at over several million dollars on time and within budget.

    • Played a pivotal role in helping clients retain talent, saving them thousands in turnover costs.

  4. A Few Client Success Stories:

    • The director of products in tech empowered his team so he could focus on strategies and increase revenues

    • Highly intelligent financial VP understood how his biases and rigidity affected employee morale and achieved a 15% reduction in employee turnover within a year.

    • An SVP in AI Strategy understood how her need for control slowed company and team growth and reversed her strategy, creating a 20% growth in revenue following our coaching engagement.


  • Customized Executive Coaching

  • Leadership Assessments 360 Feedback 

  • Personality And Motivational Assessments

  • Personal Development Action Plan

  • Regular Conversations with Leadership Boards

  • In-Person Shadowing and Feedback

  • Group Coaching

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