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Alphas Cry, Too... And That's Okay. (I did)

Hey there, strong and decisive leaders,

Let's talk real for a minute. 

We all know the image: the strong, silent leader. The rock everyone leans on.

But here's the thing – alphas cry too. I know, shocker, right?

This happened to me. Years ago, in therapy (for relationship stuff, no shame there!), my therapist hit me with a simple question: 

  "Roberto, do you ever ask for help?"

Seems straightforward? Nope.

I fumbled, feeling a weird mix of irritation and... well, something else I couldn't put my finger on. When she pushed for me to actually say the words, "Isabel, I need your help," it all came crashing down. Tears welled up. The sentence stuck in my throat.

Why? Because for so long, I'd built this image. The strong one, the one with all the answers.

Asking for help felt like a betrayal of that image.

Here's the truth, Alphas: that image is holding you back.

We think showing vulnerability is a weakness. We think needing help makes us less. But it's the opposite. It's the strong who dare to be vulnerable.

Why do we hold back?

  • Maybe it's the facade we've built, the one that defines us.

  • Maybe it's the fear of losing that "Strong One" image.

  • Maybe it's the weight of constantly providing, protecting, and being the powerful tree.

Those are powerful forces. But here's the thing: strong trees don't get strength from standing alone. They get it from the sun, the ground, and the water—a whole network of support.

Your people—your team, your loved ones—want to support you. They appreciate what you do and want to help you be even stronger.

But you have to let them.

Here's what I see with so many Alpha Leaders in my sessions:

Exhaustion, hidden struggles, a feeling of being perpetually on the edge. And then, when a safe space opens up, the dam breaks. Tears, frustration, shame - all because they haven't allowed themselves to be human.

They feel shame for needing help. Don't!

You're human. You deserve support.

Let go of that shield. Be powerful and vulnerable. Be decisive and caring. 

Being strong doesn't mean being emotionless.

You don't have to do it alone. Start small. Talk to someone you trust. Ask for a little help. It's scary, but it's worth it.

Trust me, it works, and it’s liberating.

I've been there.

Let go. Grow. Be the strongest, most supported Alpha you can be.

Here for you,


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