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Decisive Leadership: Use it, Don't Abuse it

Let’s get straight to the point today.

Here are the top traits of a strong, decisive, and determined leader that, left unchecked, can turn into disaster.

Do you see yourself in any of these?

Your top qualities, how you can misuse them, and what you can do:

1. You have a captivating dynamic presence > But you must be careful that your confidence doesn’t become cocky arrogance and alienates your team.


  • Keep it in check, maintain humility

  • Check your energy, overconfidence, and arrogance, which appear on your face first, creating disconnect and intimidation.


2. You make decisions with impact and determination > But you must be vigilant and not dismiss valuable feedback.


  • Pay attention to your audience; they have insights you could be missing.

  • Disregarding different perspectives could turn against your success and create team disengagement.


3. You are incredibly resilient and in control > But you should be wary of the potential for burnout.


  • Are you turning into a bottleneck? Let go of control, build trust, and delegate.

  • Overcommitment can impact your well-being and the quality of your leadership and team results.


4. You are a powerful team leader > But you must be mindful not to overshadow your team.


  • Pay attention to recognizing the effort of team members and how you empower them.

  • Failing to do so could breed discontent, team erosion, and financial losses.


5. You have intellectual curiosity > But you could dismiss viewpoints too quickly.


  • Hold your thoughts, listen, and ask questions.

  • Be aware that cutting people short of input could make them feel disinterested and kill creativity.


6. You thrive in challenges: > But you need to be careful that your love for challenges doesn't result in conflict where it isn't required.


  • Pay attention to when compromise is the best path.

  • Always seeking challenges can be counterproductive and exhausting, causing a loss of meaning for your team.


7. You Empower and protect others: > You must be cautious not to foster dependence.


  • Know how to empower others without micromanaging, and understand your barriers to letting go.

  • Overprotection can prevent others from developing their resilience and autonomy, leading to poor productivity.


Keep an eye on these traits to stay on top of your game.

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