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Embracing the Cold: How Emotional Intelligence Moves Us to a Better Place in Life and Profession

Last weekend, I took a 30-min swim in the chilly 52°F waters of the SF Bay, an experience that reminded me of the parallels between cold water swimming and the journey of self-development & emotional intelligence (EQ).

Diving into Discomfort

All I wore was a swimming suit and a thick cap. The cold water took my breath away for the first couple of minutes.

Embarking on self-development requires embracing discomfort, much like diving into icy waters. The key is to jump in full force, ready to act towards your goals.

Initial Discomfort, Long-term Comfort

In the initial 6-7 minutes, it felt like a million needles were pricking my torso and back, but it gradually faded.

The sting of cold water is like stepping out of your comfort zone. As you persist, discomfort gradually fades, becoming a feeling of enjoyment and ease in your interactions.

Persistence & Dedication

I kept swimming to complete a 30-minute loop in cold water.

Both experiences demand perseverance to see long-term results. As you swim, both literally and metaphorically, you realize how you can achieve better relationships and faster results.

Emotional Intelligence Benefits

As I approached the beach, I felt an enormous high sensation. The cold water had given me a mental boost, and I could feel it.

Working on self-development leads to better interactions, resilience, self-awareness, and career success, much like the physical benefits of cold-water swimming.

Empowerment & Fulfillment

Both experiences leave you feeling empowered and satisfied. Building EQ helps you navigate challenges in all aspects of life, from personal relationships to professional success.

If you struggle with achieving goals, inspiring others, growing your career, or being a great leader, consider taking that cold plunge.

When you change, your world changes.

I'm here to support you. Trust me; it's worth it.



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