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Formidable Tough Leader– Don’t Change! - Augment Your Style.

How many times my clients have mentioned the following in my initial conversations:

“Look, Roberto, they think I could use some coaching, but the truth is, they hired me to drive these results. I’ve been working this way for years. I get stuff done, and the companies love the outcome. – I don’t want to lose that! This style has worked well for me until now. Why would I change? – I don’t think a soft style will get the same results.”

My response: “Let's not change what you do best— augment that and your business results!”

What does that mean?

Well, you are known for your:

  • Assertiveness and confidence to bring goals to term

  • Natural leadership and self-reliance that get results

  • Decisiveness and protective nature that your team loves

  • Vitality and proactive attitude that gets people to align with your views

  • Ability to generate high $$$ returns 

Yes, you achieve high results; no wonder organizations love and want you!

But could there be a way to amplify your impact without diluting your strength?

While your drive is admirable, unchecked, it can lead to:

  • Increased turnover and damaged reputation

  • Lower productivity and engagement

  • Rising burnout and diminished morale

  • Financial and cultural strain


These challenges often stem from perceived over-dominance, lack of empathy, and excessive control—hindering team development and stifling creativity.

When that happens, everybody loses.

That’s when “augmenting” your style is necessary:

Without compromising your decisiveness, here is what has brought my clients more success:

  • Develop empathy: In most EQ tests, empathy or impulsivity usually receives the lowest scores. You guys must realize that you must start being empathic with yourself first (you rarely are). When I probe and ask my clients to “let your frustrations all out now…” I often see them breaking down – yes, tears! Stop holding in. Self-empathy will help you see your team differently.

  • High impulsivity: Lacking self-control, emotional outbursts, defensiveness, monopolizing conversations, and interrupting are common with your type. It makes others feel intimidated and frustrated that they can’t authentically share their ideas and communicate with you. Learn about the “pause” and reflect on ways you can hold back before jumping in impulsively. Stop canceling their creativity!

  • Let go of control: You tend to want to control every aspect of the projects and plans. That is when you become the bottleneck, are often frustrated and angry, and feel exhausted. When I dig in, many barriers and fears come up around letting go and delegating. You're the problem, not your team, and you're holding back results.

  • Drop your shield: Keep the decisive image, but augment it with vulnerability. That is as simple as conversing with others about who you are, the struggles you experience, and sharing your frustrations or areas you need help. Then, others can see you as just another equal and non-intimidating human. When teams relate, they generate!


I’ve seen it repeatedly; once Alphas recognize their “augmented” impact, it feeds into their powerful leadership style. 

That's when they realize higher business results, engagement, and productivity.

I've seen it repeatedly. So, it’s time to ask yourself…

Are you ready to augment your style and results?


My approach has significantly boosted client effectiveness, ensured the on-time, within-budget delivery of multi-million dollar projects, and crucially aided in talent retention, saving substantial turnover costs.

Curious about the specifics?

An exploration into enhancing growth and minimizing employee turnover could be timely.

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