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From Naples to You: When Every "Idiot" Is a Sailor

Ever felt like things are going great, only to be knocked down when a sudden challenge pops up?

Or maybe you've seen a colleague who's super confident till a curveball throws them off their game?

Last month, while strolling through the streets of Naples, I came across a banner with a heartwarming Napolitano dialect: "Quann' O Mare e' calmo, ogni strunz e' marenaro." Translating to "When the sea is calm, every idiot is a sailor."

Sounds simple? But man, this one got me thinking, especially in navigating our everyday leadership challenges.

This isn't just a quaint saying; it's a stark reminder that true leadership is tested not by the calm seas but by the turbulent waves. It's about identifying and preparing to sail through the emotional currents that can capsize our confidence and lead to transformative progress within your team and organization.

Proactivity Over Reactivity

Imagine steering a ship. Do we wait for the storm to hit before plotting our course?

No, we foresee, we plan, and we act. The unseen icebergs sink ships, not always the visible storm. So, in our daily leadership roles, it isn’t merely about putting out fires—it’s about anticipating where the next spark could ignite and understanding how these challenges could emotionally affect our crew.

Those who joined my workshops this past year didn’t just sit back; they came with clear intentions and set plans for what they wanted to learn and practice. They understood the value of change and were ready to invest in their growth despite the emotional costs of leaving their comfort zones.

Quick Tip:

Take a moment to reflect on your strengths and weaknesses. What feedback have you consistently received? Identifying these patterns is the first step in plotting your course for personal and professional growth. Identifying these patterns is not just about personal development but bridging the gap between where you are and where you could be.

The Man and His Keys

Now, about that guy searching for his keys under the streetlamp where the light's better, even though he lost them in the dark. It might seem silly, but it's a profound metaphor for approaching problems. 

Embrace the darkness, the unknown—because that's where the real growth happens. It's about confronting the technical issues that we shy away from and understanding that solving them brings us closer to the organization we aspire to be—a place where every team member is engaged and turnover is a story of the past.

In my sessions this year, I encouraged my participants to embrace the darkness, the unknown—because that's where the real growth happens. It was those who were willing to step out and look beyond the lamppost and tackle new challenges head-on who really found their strength.

Quick Tip: 

Reflect on where you're looking for solutions. Are you sticking to the comfort of the lamppost because it’s familiar? Challenge yourself to operate in the 'dark'—the deep within, where true discovery and learning occur.

It’s Showtime

Sure, theory is important, but practice is what truly makes a leader. There's a big difference between talking about leadership and actually leading through a storm. 

And that's what I focus on—real practice, real situations, real growth. Because when the storms hit, and they will, you want to be the one who's ready, practiced, and steady at the helm.

Quick Tip: 

How do you engage with what you learn? Are you actively applying new concepts, or are you passively absorbing information? Remember, true learning comes from doing—and doing is about moving beyond the safety of the known to the growth that lies in the unknown.

Chart Your Course with Me

So, what’s next for you? 

You've got the tools and the grit; now it's time to steer your own ship. By stepping out of the lamplight into the unknown, you forge a path of resilience and adaptability. 

This journey positions you as a visionary leader who can navigate and inspire others through any situation.

Reach out, and let's explore resources, workshops, and personalized coaching to help you bridge the gap between the current choppy waters and the smooth sailing of future success.

Let's go beyond the lamppost and prepare you for the stormy seas.


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