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How to Engage with Alpha Leaders – Dos and Don’ts

Feeling unheard and overlooked in the workplace can be frustrating, especially when your innovative ideas fall on deaf ears. 

But there's a silver lining – you have the power to turn the tide. 

Simple shifts in your approach can open doors to effective communication, ensure your ideas shine, and potentially pave the way for your next career leap. 

Let me share something first. I'm an Alpha.

I'm also a father to a wonderful daughter, and nothing triggers me more than seeing women not getting their voices heard and being valued for their contribution to the world.

Alpha Leaders stand out for their decisiveness, confidence, and ability to drive change.

Addressing such influential figures requires finesse, understanding, and strategy.

Know that these commanding personalities will dismiss or disregard you if you don’t pay attention to how you address them and the energy you bring to the conversations.

Here’s a simplified guide to help you interact effectively with these dynamic personalities.

Things you should never do:

  1. Don't flake out or be a no-show. Always take responsibility for your commitments, or you’ll be dismissed.

  2. Avoid backing down, complaining, or playing the victim. Stay strong and confident. They’ll respect you more and value your contributions.

  3. Never be defensive or intimidated in challenging situations. Gather your energy and face them straight on. That’s when they’ll listen.

  4. Don’t lose your temper to try to convince them. An unevolved alpha will become defensive and chew you out. A mature alpha will wait for you to get over your tantrum and then set you straight. (They are not impressed.) 

  5. Do not use titles like Mr., Sir, Professor, etc. This sends a message that you are subservient to them. Instead, use their first name. Humanize them, and let them know you are equal and won't reinforce their status and ego.

Things you should do and prepare for:

  1. Adopt and demonstrate their Alpha qualities to contribute positively to meetings and conversations.

  2. Understand and align with their goals, and think analytically to tackle issues. Share what you know, backed with data and expertise. They’ll respect you.

  3. Be proactive and forward-thinking. Embrace challenges and opportunities for learning. They have much to offer, and you can grow a lot with them.

  4. Prepare thoroughly for discussions and transform unproductive habits into positive actions they can appreciate and leverage.

  5. Manage disagreements with empathy and engage in respectful, effective communication. You show them how it’s done! Bravo!

  6. Offer practical ideas and collaborate on shared goals. Use strong evidence to support your statements, and don’t back down. They need creative ideas to counter their rigid mindset.

  7. Learn from feedback, handle sensitive topics privately, and prioritize collective well-being. Show them what vulnerability looks like so they can mirror it.

  8. Resolve conflicts with dominant personalities through direct, one-on-one discussions. In any open setting, it’s a risk. The immature alpha will chew you out; the higher EQ will appreciate your courage.

Interacting with Alpha leaders can significantly impact your professional growth. 

Being aware of these strategies will help you coexist and excel in an environment led by strong, driven personalities.

Your turn, please share your experience in confronting strong personalities.


Want to know more about how to build the confidence and courage to face such personalities? Book a call! I can help you practice this! I'm an Alpha; I know what works and what doesn't.

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