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How to Work with Alpha Achievers

Have you ever felt overwhelmed by the relentless drive and meticulous attention to detail of the goal-oriented powerhouse in your team?

You're certainly not in a minority.

Today, I want to share the story of Meredith, a client representing a group of people I call Alpha Achievers.

People like Meredith are the epitome of efficiency, the champions of productivity, and the masters of goal achievement.

I think they even create checklists to check their checklists. And one item in there is: “Take a break.” (Eye roll)

And they are incredible: they can drive a team forward, spot potential pitfalls way ahead, and are the backbone of any operation in terms of getting things done.

However, Meredith's style was not without its challenges.

Her team saw her as an Overly Critical Taskmaster, Creativity Suppressor, or Unrelenting Perfectionist, which led to stress for her and her team and a work environment that, while productive, was not as fulfilling as it could be.

What was causing all that?

Her relentless pursuit of results would overshadow the importance of the process, her detail orientation showed as micromanaging, and her high standards intimidated others.

So here's what Meredith looked into:

If you’re an Alpha Achiever, this is for you:

  • Balancing Urgency with Patience: Meredith discovered that patience did not mean slowing down progress but allowing space for creativity and innovation. This shift in perspective helped her team feel more valued and less pressured, leading to a more collaborative and productive work environment.

  • Embracing Constructive Feedback: Initially defensive when faced with criticism, Meredith worked on opening herself to feedback. This was not an easy journey, but she learned to see feedback as an opportunity for growth for herself and her team.

  • Celebrating Achievements: Meredith realized the importance of acknowledging her achievements and those of her team. This practice helped build a positive team culture where every member felt recognized and motivated.

Meredith shared that she wished people who worked with her would understand the value of updating her with progress and accountability and approaching her with solutions, not just challenges. Here are other points to consider when working with Alpha Achievers.

If you work with Alpha Achievers, here’s what you need to know:

  • Speak their language of efficiency: Approach them with well-thought-out plans and clear, concise communication. Demonstrate your understanding of their focus on productivity and results. Remember, your unique insights are invaluable.

  • Handle feedback like a pro: Learn to extract the constructive elements from their feedback. It's not just criticism; it's a roadmap for improvement. Engage in the conversation, and show your commitment to excellence.

  • Be clear, organized, and accountable: When interacting with an Alpha Achiever, show up with your best. Your organized approach and accountability will gain their respect and facilitate a productive working relationship. Challenge them constructively and watch them appreciate your dedication.

The Outcome:

Meredith's transformation and her team's response highlight a critical lesson: leadership is about driving results AND fostering an environment where people can grow, innovate, and feel valued.

Through patience, openness to feedback, and recognition of achievements, Meredith and her team achieved synergy that balanced high productivity with personal and professional satisfaction.

I’d love to hear about your experiences working with or as an Alpha Achiever.


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Interested in learning more about how to interact effectively with different leadership styles? Book a call with me! As an Alpha, I have insights to help you navigate these dynamics.

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