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My Enneagram 8 Journey: How the Enneagram Became My North Star

Ever felt like a force of nature in the corporate maze, but kept stumbling over the same obstacles? My Enneagram 8 journey felt just like that – until the Enneagram itself became my compass.

Recently, I tuned into "The Art of Growth," a Podcast where the host interviewed a panel of Enneagram 8, and it was like looking into a mirror.

Enneagram type 8, the challengers, assertive Alpha Leaders with their strengths, and yes, their blunders too, echoed some chapters of my journey in corporate spheres.

As an Enneagram 8, I've made my share of mistakes (or, as I fondly call them, “learning opportunities”).

Here's a mix of my experiences and insights to give you an idea of the 8 in the corporate world.

Understanding the Enneagram 8 Pitfalls:

1. THE STEAMROLLER EFFECT: Oh, you felt that? My bad! I remember conversations where I bulldozed through without catching how everyone felt—classic me.

A better way: Ensure you're also cultivating relationships while pursuing objectives. Begin meetings with a check-in. Ask how everyone's day has been—bridge emotional gaps.

2. THE “I CAN DO EVERYTHING” SYNDROME: During my high-tech days, I once thought I could juggle three major projects without breaking a sweat. Let’s say I sweated. And I was grumpy!

A better way: It turns out that asking for help isn’t a bad thing. Who knew?

3. VULNERABILITY? WHAT’S THAT?: That time I choked up during a presentation and masked it with a coughing fit? Yeah, no one bought that. Red eyes and that long pause gave it away.

A Better Way: Embracing my soft side made me more relatable, and as I found out, it’s much easier and real to show vulnerability.

4. TOO MUCH HONESTY: Directness is my forte. Maybe too much? Like when I told Lisa, her presentation was "not the best." Yikes! I meant constructive feedback. See my book, chapter 14; shame on me!

A Better Way: Before giving feedback, pause and frame it constructively. Explain what you noticed, and ask for their side of the story.

5. MISUNDERSTANDING EMPOWERMENT: More Like “Me-Powerment” I tended to empower others by giving them the "opportunity" to work harder. I realized later that empowerment doesn’t mean cloning my hard-working tendencies. Ouch!

A Better Way: Listen, ask, gauge, acknowledge, and validate others—foster individual growth based on unique strengths and by example without forcing.

From Understanding to Transformation:

Over 15 years ago, the Enneagram unlocked my patterns, including the ones I shared above. It illuminated how I could channel the 8 Enneagram's strength towards more compassionate leadership.

As 8s, we value control, rise to challenges, and ardently defend the vulnerable.

When we're self-aware, our leadership evolves. We champion others, paving the way for shared victories and purposeful collaborations.

The Enneagram was my guide, reminding me that success isn’t just about sidestepping pitfalls but embracing our vulnerability and leveraging our strengths.

Whatever your Enneagram type, know that your innate abilities can be your biggest asset when utilized at their best.

So, act now and avoid the stumbles I had.

Discover YOUR Enneagram type and the fascinating patterns that shape and motivate you.

Reach out!

PS: Want to know more about how the Enneagram can help you? Schedule a chat here. Share your story; I'll coach you, no obligation.

PSS: I'm an Enneagram Practitioner with Integrative9 - The Best! :-)



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