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Now is the time to ditch your old identity and embrace a new mindset

For a long time, you focused on your career to a point in which your dedication to work has caused a loss of identity.

And now, this pandemic has created space for realizations. It pulled the plug on a life and career that falsely defined you all these years.

You can sense that it doesn’t fit anymore and something needs to change.

I’ve addressed this point in a previous blog post: Who are you? And I feel like this time; you might want to consider this a bit more.

There are already a lot of conversations about how the world as we knew it will not exist any longer. What is coming will be different.

To best prepare for this is to start reflecting on how you want to show up in this new world. This means beginning to realize who you are as a person and what you need to let go that doesn’t fit anymore.

Only when knowing yourself better, including your fears, triggers, mindset, and behaviors, will you be able to understand who you are and perceive others more clearly.

Spending some time now for self-realization will help you anticipate and prepare for how you want to show up in this next phase of your life


So, what are these things you need to start exploring? There are two general areas.

  1. Moving away from being in Reactive/Protective mode

  2. Embracing and practicing a Creative/Self-Aware style of living and working

What’s the Reactive/Protective mode?

The reactive behavior stems from a mind that wants to merge with society, or in this case, our career, or professional title. As we grow into our occupations, in this long process, we somehow give up our independence in order to go along and get along. We play with expectations of us and adjust our lives around them.

As we do this, however, over time, we start losing our identity and become subject to external influences running our lives more that we recognize. We continuously react to these circumstances without realizing it and shut down our creative behavior.

Over time we build more strengths around a reactive mode, and as it becomes natural to use it all the time, our creative skills become too risky to use and become less developed. It’s okay to build reactive strength; however, it’s identifying with that strength that becomes a problem.

The more we define ourselves by our results, the more likely we fear failure and miss on opportunities to collaborate, build teamwork, or delegate with authenticity. We develop self-protective tendencies, fear vulnerability, and can become rigid in our adaptation and communication with others.

A few behaviors and characteristics that represent Reactive/Protective are:

  • Being defensive and judgmental

  • Attached to our thoughts and holding on to our beliefs

  • Rigid and controlling of situations

  • Negative emotions of fear, resistance to change, anger, anxiety, and shame

  • Limited in our thinking, we have repeated conversations running in circles

  • We become our own worst enemies

How to shift to a Creative/Self-aware mindset?