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Rev Up Performance: Slow Down To Go Faster

In business, a refreshed and rejuvenated leader often leads to a more innovative and successful team, project, or organization.

Two weeks ago, I went on a motorcycle ride for four days, just me, my bike, and Northern California’s stunning mountains and forests.

It sounds like an epic adventure, right? It sure was, but it also had a deeper purpose. It was about taking a breather from the hustle and grind, reconnecting with myself, and reflecting on my actions as an Alpha.

Alpha leaders are known for their ability to forge ahead, but part of their growth involves recognizing when to ease up on the throttle and when to shift gears.

On this ride, I experienced a literal example of this. I was taking a shortcut over a mountain pass at 7000 feet. The higher I climbed, the colder it got, with snow starting to crowd the road. I could have stubbornly pushed on, but I chose to respect the conditions and turn back.

While this decision led to a two-hour detour instead of a 20-minute ride over the top, it was a safer choice and, ultimately, the better decision.

This scenario is a metaphor for your roles as trailblazers.

Sometimes, the quick route is not the best, and you must know when to take detours, even if they seem longer or harder.

So, why should Alpha leaders take these time-outs?

  1. Self-Awareness Boost: Time alone lets you do a performance review on yourself. You can see what’s working well and where you need to tweak things a bit.

  2. Adaptability Practice: Experiences like my mountain detour help you realize that you must be adaptable and change course when necessary. This flexibility is a valuable leadership trait.

  3. Creativity Surge: Breaking away from daily routines can lead to some of your best ideas. Fresh air and new sights can all spark creativity in surprising ways.

  4. Recharge and Refresh: Leading can be intense. Taking time to rest and rejuvenate makes you physically and mentally stronger.

  5. Leadership Upgrade: When you return from a break, you’re usually in a better frame of mind, which means you can lead your teams more effectively.

My motorcycle adventure was more than just an epic ride. It was a chance to hit the brakes, reflect, and ultimately improve my work.

If you are an Alpha like me, consider taking a breather. It’s not just about chilling; it’s about personal growth and improving your leadership game.

And that, my friends, is good for you and your organizations.

Safe rides!



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