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This is me

My name is Roberto Giannicola, and I'm an Alpha. 

Saying it feels strange, like admitting to being part of a twelve-step program for alphas. But this isn't about healing; it's about sharing the truth of what it means to experience life with an Alpha's drive and determination.

I've stumbled, and my "alpha behavior" has caused personal and professional discomfort. 

But in those moments of discomfort, I’ve made it a point to understand and upgrade.

It’s in my nature, and embracing who I am has been liberating.

For me, it's never been about fearing to step into difficult situations; rather, it's how I've chosen to face them that has occasionally strained relationships.

My intentions? To expand and grow, not to assert dominance.

Being an alpha means a constant drive to push, pursue, and improve. Not because things are inherently broken but because I see the potential for them to be better.

It's not an obsessive need for control. It's an unwavering desire for progress for myself and the world around me.

My path isn't solely about external achievements or professional milestones. 

It's deeply personal, a quest for self-improvement through each challenge and endeavor. In facing and overcoming these hurdles, I find my way "home"—to a place of self-recognition and purpose.

This path has been marked by a series of trials and lessons learned, often through failure:

  • I grappled with public speaking, sweating (literally) out of my comfort zone to improve.

  • I've had moments of temper and defensiveness, learning to channel these energies constructively.

  • I've faced fears, self-doubt, and the challenge to admit I needed help when it felt most difficult.

  • I've felt the sting of regret when my actions may have been too harsh or unkind.


These experiences weren't setbacks but valuable lessons, leading me through the harsh yet refreshing phases of personal growth.

Self-expansion and constant learning are my core drivers. It's a cycle of growth, failure, learning, and expansion – Repeat! Repeat! Repeat!


It's not easy being me.

There's a restlessness, a constant battle between seeking peace and craving the next challenge.

Within these challenges, I truly come alive, finding clarity in moments of quiet introspection.


It's not always easy being around me, either.

I'm constantly observing and seeking improvement because I find the problem-solving process thrilling. 

This relentless pursuit energizes me, propelling me forward even as it demands the same relentless commitment from those I work and live with.

The Alpha spirit is not fundamentally about dominance or disregard for others' feelings but a profound commitment to personal and collective advancement.

If you work with Alphas, expect to be seen, to be challenged, to be encouraged towards continual growth:

  • Expect constant ideas and a push for results.

  • Passivity and lack of drive will be met with frustration and challenge.

  • Victimhood, martyrdom, and wimpiness will be dismissed.

These challenges involve allowing you to fight for your ideas and beliefs. If you demonstrate conviction, you'll earn respect. If you seem hindered by fear or self-doubt, we'll push you to confront them.


In our view, there is no standstill.

We'll listen, but ultimately, we want to help you overcome your limitations and propel you forward. 

We call out your "bullshit" and confront what you avoid. Superficial efforts do not impress us; we seek authenticity and intrinsic motivation.

We push and drive because that's what we do for ourselves and because we believe we all have it within us.

This is also how we build our tribes. We see our teams as an extension of ourselves, and we are fiercely protective of them. We fight for your success as long as you contribute and are willing to learn and grow.


Want to be part of the tribe? Working with me requires 100% commitment.

Consider the three following questions:

  1. What areas of yourself or your business need improvement? Be specific about the problems you want to solve, whether they are business challenges, professional roadblocks, or personal growth areas.

  2. How are these issues impacting you and your team? Quantify the cost regarding time, money, health, and overall well-being.

  3. What are you missing in your approach? Identify what you are not doing, what you could do better, and what needs to be addressed to overcome these obstacles. In short, what is yours to own?


Only engage with me if you're serious about addressing these points. I don't offer "nice to have" solutions or coaching for those unwilling to commit.

I'll be an alpha, holding a mirror to your shadows and challenging you as I challenge myself.

That's where growth happens.


This is me—Roberto Giannicola. 

Not just an Alpha by nature but a human being committed to understanding, expansion, and the shared journey of discovery.

I see you, and I'm here to guide, challenge, and support you every step of the way.


My approach has significantly boosted client effectiveness, ensured the on-time, within-budget delivery of multi-million dollar projects, and crucially aided in talent retention, saving substantial turnover costs. Curious about the specifics?

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