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Want to get rich? – Raise your EQ

Studies have shown that IQ’s relevance in the workplace can predict between 1 and 20 percent (average of 6 percent) of success in a given job.

EQ, however, was found to be directly responsible for between 27 and 45 percent of job success.

The book The Millionaire Mind by Thomas Stanley brings up a survey taken by 733 multi-millionaires across the United States. These millionaires rated the factors most responsible for their success. Among 30 factors, the top five were:

· Being honest with all people

· Being well-disciplined

· Getting along with people

· Having a supportive spouse

· Working harder than most people

All five are reflections of Emotional Intelligence.

Cognitive intelligence, or IQ, was 21st on the list and only endorsed by 20 percent of millionaires.

In addition, the difference between cognitive intelligence and emotional intelligence is that IQ remains pretty much constant through adulthood, declining during old age.

EQ, however, is not constant. It rises through adulthood with a very small decline in old age.

Not much of a surprise that as we get older, we get wiser. We experience life’s ups and downs and (hopefully) learn.

EQ is not here to replace IQ. Rather the two are complementary. In fact, it requires IQ to understand what EQ can do for you.

I work with a lot of brilliant minds. They are so good at figuring out what is happening to them and the struggles they are facing.

Some of these struggles relate to how their brilliant ideas are lost because they can’t convey their thoughts with influence or fail to respond adequately in a social context.

You had the chance to share a brilliant idea or discovery, but it fell apart because YOU fell apart.

You can be as creative and competent as possible. Still, no one will stick around to admire your ideas if you are unaware of how you relate to others and if you behave with contempt, defensiveness, or impulse.

Then everyone loses, including your wallet.

Poor you, the misunderstood genius.

What are your thoughts? Do you agree that EQ plays a major role?

Reach out if you would like to take an Emotional Intelligence self-assessment.

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