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Will You Enter the Bar?

What if you could use a series of flow diagrams to overcome barriers and build emotional intelligence?

Imagine yourself arriving at a bar.

The place doesn't look particularly inviting; dim lights, large flat-screen TVs, a handful of people, and no music. What a gloomy scene!

Should you go in or find another place? Is the somberness of the place going to drag down your night, or will you feel cheerful regardless? Do you want to meet new people or be left alone?

Many things to ponder.

What will you do? Seriously, what is your gut feeling telling you?

Common wisdom has it that we can't control our environment; all we can do is control our attitude toward it.

However, in my experience, this saying runs counter to a simple but important fact: when we change our perspective, we actually DO change our environment

Sure, we can walk away, but what if instead, you walked in, turned on some music, and struck up conversations with people?

What if your energy were strong enough to light up the room, regardless of the gloom?

Recent research on the brain's neuroplasticity has revealed that we can literally rewire our brains by developing new habits.

We can increase our EQ, for example, by paying attention to our old habits and then successively adopting new ones.

While logic is part of a decision process, your gut feelings and what you sense in your heart will ultimately have more power.

Even the most hard-core neuroscientist will tell you that our logical system and emotional system are inseparably linked.

But what about those obstacles, self-doubts, fears, and forms of sabotages sitting on our shoulders. How do we deal with them?

Now is when you leverage your brilliant logical mind, planning skills, and the diagrams you love so much.

Logic will help you find a way forward, identify barriers you need to remove and raise your emotional intelligence.

Now you've got algorithm, and you are learning to dance.

I work with clients helping them use logical diagrams to reflect on what path they want to take forward. Please reach out to me to receive a series of diagrams that you can apply in your life and career. (Example of what you'd get below)

Other subjects include: Not living with regret, Who are you as a person?, Listening, Need for validation, Coaching mindset, Empathy, Sabotage and limiting beliefs, Self-transformation, etc...

It's time to draw your flow diagram. What will you do?

Will you enter that bar?

Looking for more tips to lead with heart and empathy? My new book, You've Got Algorithm, but Can You Dance? is available now on Amazon.



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