Conversation in office

You've got algorithm
Let's learn the dance

Lead with heart and empathy



You work in high-tech, bio-tech, finance-tech, pick-your-name-tech

You have the mindset of a programmer, developer, project manager, scientist, analyst, data scientist, engineer, lab technician, number cruncher, designer, or ... you get the idea

You are brilliant in your field but could improve your people and management skills

You can find it difficult to get a message across - or influence others

here is how we can work together

Learning how to "dance" takes courage.

Social and Emotional Intelligence provides the confidence to carry out your job responsibilities, shine in your position, and grow in the organization.

A lack of leadership skills will not only affect your professional future
but the quality of your life.​



I could tell you all about my facilitation and coaching experience, my degrees and certificates (I have plenty of them.) But none of that would tell you much about what matters most in working with me: the support you will experience, the trust, the honesty, and the sense of growth and ease.

The essence of my work is to facilitate self-growth by helping people identify the core challenges and setbacks in their lives, so that they can overcome them with confidence. I call it “Having algorithm and learning how to dance.”

There is nothing that motivates me more than seeing people take on a challenge and daring to be their true self.