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I Help High Impact Leaders Drive Business Results with Heart and Empathy




To lead isn't just to command; it's about creating impact with insight.

I turn decisive leaders into influencers who lead with conviction and empathy.

1000+ Coaching Hours

90 %
Attribute Coaching to Business Results, Role or Career Advancement

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For Human Resources 

Employee turnover costs, damage to the company's reputation, lack of productivity and engagement. We can't afford to be without strong-willed leaders' drive and determination. But we can't allow them to erode the organization's success.


For High Impact Leaders

Missed deadlines, low team productivity, and poor quality of service can impact your reputation, career, and organizational credibility. You know how to drive results; it's time to master the art of inspiring people.


For Teams Working with Strong-Willed Leaders

Untapped talent, ineffective decisions, stifled innovation, and low morale.


When your voice goes unheard, everyone loses.

My Role

I will help you navigate business challenges such as high employee turnover, tarnished reputation, and reduced productivity, often stemming from imbalanced assertive leadership styles.


As an expert coach, I equip you with strategies and tools to overcome the root causes of these problems.

Our Goal

Working together, you can expect to reduce recruitment expenses, boost productivity, enhance public perception, solidify investor confidence, reinvigorate employee engagement, and cultivate a decisive yet empathetic leadership style.

Learn how our work together will improve your organization.

Sam B. - Principal - Gauge Capital

My coaching engagement with Roberto was nothing short of transformational. He helped me appreciate the biases and perspectives I was bringing to every decision based on feedback that was generated from my peers. When I look at my behaviors today, they are much less rooted in biases, selfishness, and bureaucracy and much more rooted in awareness, service to others, and appreciation of diversity of experiences as a direct result of this engagement. Today, I can see my demeanor has shifted to one of less anxiety and emotion and one of more calm and control as a result of these learnings. I'm excited to continue to flex these muscles going forward.

Together, we'll bridge the gap between strength and sensitivity, ensuring you lead not just with your mind, but with your heart too.


Why Work With Me?
Experience Real Results

I have:

  1. Proudly collaborated with industry giants like ASML, Exelixis, and BKM Capital, spanning industries from tech to finance and biotech.

  2. Expertise in coaching a variety of clients - from budding startups to Fortune 500 executives, tailoring strategies to unique organizational needs.

  3. Real Metrics:

    • Influenced substantial revenue growth for clients.

    • Helped leaders deliver projects valued at over several million dollars on time and within budget.

    • Played a pivotal role in helping clients retain talent, saving them thousands in turnover costs.

  4. A Few Client Success Stories:

    • The director of products in tech empowered his team so he could focus on strategies and increase revenues

    • Highly intelligent financial VP understood how his biases and rigidity affected employee morale and achieved a 40% reduction in employee turnover within a year.

    • An SVP in AI Strategy understood how her need for control slowed company and team growth and reversed her strategy, creating a 20% growth in revenue following our coaching engagement.

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