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Are you too assertive? Is this helping or hindering your success?

Months ago, I collaborated with Daniel, a highly-driven East Coast professional who faced challenges due to over-assertiveness, particularly with his California-based team. (Full story in my book)

After focusing on recognizing his direct tendencies, understanding their sources, and his defensiveness, Daniel embarked on a journey of self-improvement.

Through a 360-feedback process, self-awareness exercises, and coaching conversations, Daniel committed to softening his assertiveness and rebuilding trust.

With time, Daniel's well-developed assertiveness led to significant improvements in his work and private life.

He experienced better collaboration, increased trust, and a supportive work environment, which resulted in career advancement.

His relationships also flourished, creating deeper connections with friends and family.

Daniel's transformation highlights the power of balanced assertiveness and self-improvement in achieving success and happiness.

Curious about your own assertiveness style? Check out this diagram illustrating the consequences of over-assertiveness and the benefits of embracing new approaches.

As someone who learned to find the right balance in assertiveness, I now assist others with similar adjustments.

If you'd like to discuss your goals for yourself or your team, feel free to send me a DM.

You can also download the diagram here



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